Anna Maria Santoro


Capestrano Warrior 

When you arrive at the National Archaeological Museum in Chieti (a city situated in Abruzzo, Italy) and for the first time in your life you see the "Capestrano Warrior" you think <Wow!> Then you say <What is it?> It is one of the most important archeological finds in Italy. It is the only example of Italic art that scholars can date back to around the sixth century BC.
In some local dialects and in old expressions some people like to call him "Lu Mammocce" which means "the big kid". Actually it is a stone statue, which measures 253 centimetres tall.

February 2012 

Biennial of Venice, 4th June>27th November 2011

At the Biennale you think you're in Kafka's world, where the dream seems incredibly real. Art is beauty. Art is the sense of death that helps you to live. Art is suffering. Art is happiness. It's a symbolic significance. can change.It's a game. It's a work. It's the desire to be like God.
In this enchanted Venice you think that everything.

July 2011

Biennial of Venice, 4th June > 27th November 2009

When you arrive in Venice time slows down: you feel the first sensation of disorientation near the railway station. There you'll hear the sound of water; you'll see the boats’ moorings and the ʻcalliʼ and ʻcampielliʼ (the names for streets and roads in Venice). There are so many tourists and art pilgrims that you can soon feel dazed.

July 2009

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